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Low cost PDH program. Online Engineering Continuing Education for PE License Renewal

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Company F.A.Q.'s
  • How long have you been providing PDH for Engineers?
  • Iíve lost my certificate of completion. How can I get a replacement?
  • How do I know that my credit card information is secure when purchasing a product?

  • Technical Support F.A.Qs
  • When I try to login to my account it gives me an error stating that I need to be logged in to perform that function, and that I need to have cookies enabled. How can I make sure that my cookies are enabled?
  • When submitting my payment information I get 'order failure default call' message. Why do I get this error?
  • When I try to login to my account or checkout using the shopping cart I get an error.
  • My personal information has changes how do I update my account?

  • Product F.A.Q.'s
  • What is your refund policy if I decide to cancel?
  • Can I access the material from a different computer than where the order is placed?
  • Which web browser should I use to view my courses?
  • How do I add a user?
  • What is an Online Study Course?
  • Can I download your online courses to my computer or do I have to be online to complete a course?
  • How do I receive my certificate of completion?
  • Can I save my progress while taking a test and come back later or must a test be completed all at once?
  • What happens if I fail an online test? May I take the test again?
  • How can I tell which courses are online courses?
  • I have an Unlimited PDH Package. Can I share it with other people in my office?
  • I thought I ordered an online course. Why am I being asked for shipping information?
  • Am I able to print out the course material or the final exam?

  • Low cost PDH program. Online Engineering Continuing Education for PE License Renewal
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    PDHDirect.com a division of CPE Solutions, LLC is proud to annouce that it has become an AIA/CES Provider for Architects.
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